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Mainstreaming Alternative Perspectives (MAP) is a platform for communities, organisations, businesses and governments to engage, enrich and take forward the transition to green, inclusive, fair economies in India and South Asia.

As a knowledge hub, MAP-SA aims to inform and build the transition towards green inclusive economies. As a dialogue hub, MAP-SA works to identify levers of change to enable a greener and inclusive economy transition.

If you think you or your organisation are an agent of change, join our journey and map yourself!

What we do

We aim to strengthen action and knowledge to accelerate the transition towards a new green economy.

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A forum that fosters discussions and collaborations to find visions and solutions for a green economy.


A curated collection of blogs by experts from governments, businesses and civil society organisations.

trialogue 2047

A series of discussions to envision India @100 on measures India must take to accelerate the transition.


A repository of reports, case studies, papers, newsletters on green economy in India.