India’s economic growth, although steady has come at the cost of rising social inequality and unfeasible usage of natural resources. According to the Global Footprint Network our ecological footprint has already exceeded its bio-capacity by a whopping 160 per cent in 2012. These numbers, combined with the severe impacts of climate change, further amplify the risks we face in the next few years.

Are Local Green Enterprises a solution to reverse this catastrophic path that the country has taken in the past? Have any successful examples of mitigating these impacts? Share your opinions below in the comment section!

Posted On : 02 May 2018
Created By: Jenisha Sanjay kiri


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The corporates, the government and civil society organisations need to understand that the debate between development and environment no longer exist. The essence of sustainability will need to be enshrined in the business-as-usual organisational practices for the systemic changes to make significant efforts to a make India a fair, inclusive and green economy.
Posted On : 22 May 2018
Created By: Pratibha Ruth Caleb

LGEs may be a solution for reversing the current "catastrophic" path that the country has taken, but in the current 'post-liberalization' era these may no longer be a viable solution. These LGEs may seem as a goodly solution but the current market competitiveness with big conglomerates and industries in the fray, they do not stand a chance. We may hope for a solution though but in my opinion the solution will be to re-look at the capitalist set-up of our economies.
Posted On : 22 May 2018
Created By: Syed Abdul Aziz Ishaqi Farhan

LGEs, that fundamentally function on a smaller scale have greater chances of procuring material, manufacturing and providing services in a more ethical and fair way. As smaller units, there are also greater chances that environmental parameters would be monitored well too. There his hope that going the MSMEs way can be win-win for both the environment and the people.
Posted On : 21 May 2018
Created By: Kavya Arora