Sikkim has been able to achieve a promising status on human development. With massive reduction in the population below poverty line, and almost universal access to health care, education and electricity, Sikkim has is a model to other states in India. Environmentally prosperous, 48% of the total land in Sikkim is under forest cover, much higher than the all India average of 24%. The State of Sikkim with host of environment amelioration has emerged as the cleanest state in India. In the light of these positives of Sikkim,
  • Are there opportunities in Sikkim for enterprise development? What are the high impact sectors – Agriculture, Tourism, Industries? Share your story.
  • Considering agriculture sector, can a boost to organic agricultural practice double farmers’ income? Given, Sikkim has taken many steps to make their agriculture systems environmentally sustainable, what are the opportunities for making this a viable economic sector generating high income for the farmers?
Posted On : 01 Apr 2018
Created By: Chandan Kumar


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